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Start From Where You Are invites guests who have overcome adversity to talk to the viewers about how they achieved success. Success in business, health and all aspects of life are celebrated on Start From Where You Are.

Episode 1: Women's Empowerment Watch Start From Where You Are Now!

Episode 1.1: Guest Woodie Lesesne, President of Lesesne Media Group, discusses the challenges she faced in being a woman and immigrant in a typically male field.

Episode 1.2: Guest Cindy Andreatos shares the story of her suicide attempt and how she has turned her life around.

Episode 1.3: Guest Linda Hayes, a previously successful business woman, shares how she was able to regroup and achieve new success.

Episode 2: MetaphysicsWatch Start From Where You Are Now!

Episode 2: Guest Marcy Roban, Metaphysician, B.D., C.Ht. is a Bio-Spiritual Counselor, Healer, Lecturer, Author, Inter-denominational Minister, & Workshop Facilitator based in Miami, Florida. She explains metaphysics and disucsses the role metaphysics plays in everyday life.

Episode 3: Surviving

Episode 3: Guest Randi Fine, author of, shares her story of repeated harassment and abuse by men throughout her life. Randi has survived attacks and has lived to face her attacker as she describes in this episode of Start From Where You Are.

Episode 4: Special Needs Watch Start From Where You Are Episode Preview

Episode 4.1: Clips from the Florida Special Arts Center's documentary "Bridging the Gap" which follows The Special Needs Color Guard of America as they become the first special needs group to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Episode 4.2: Guests Barrie Kleinert and her mother Ellen Kleinert-Cohn share their successes in starting a business owned and operated by people with special needs.

Episode 4.3: Barrie and Ellen share how they are continuously helping others with special needs become the best that they can be. Their outlook on life is truely inspirational.

Episode 4.4: Barrie and Ellen introduce us to other family members, Ellen's husband, Jerry Cohn, and Barrie's brother, Wes, whose special needs are the result of a vaccine he recieved as an infant.

Episode 4.5: The family recalls stories of the many people they helped achieve beyond their dreams as well as the challenges many of the individuals face everyday.

Episode 4.6: The family shares how they are able to provide a spiritual place for all special needs individuals regardless of religion. Often times people with special needs are not wanted in congregations as they can cause distractions. The Kleinert-Cohn family gives these individuals a spiritual outlet they otherwise may not be able to have.

Episode 5: Public Safety

Episode summary coming soon!

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